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Selecting the Correct Size Heater for Pool and Spa Many factors depend on how you heat your swimming pool – installation costs, how often you use your pool, size, location and climate.  This guide will show you how to calculate the minimum heating capacity for your pool based on your specific application and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on the best and most economical way to heat your pool. Step 1 Determine the Ideal Water Temperature How warm do you want the pool water and how fast do you want to raise the temperature? Most pool owners consider 28 degrees Celsius to be adequately comfortable. SPATA, International pool Standards validates that.   Step 2 Determine Average Ambient Temperatures Calculate the average temperature in your area during the coldest month you intend to use it. Important: Consider other weather conditions, including humidity, wind chill, and night temperatures. If you live in a dry climate, if wind speed