Saturday, 26 November 2016



15-Point Planned Maintenance and Equipment Safety Check

As winter starting, it is ideal to service performed on your heat pump system. Regular inspection & maintenance of your heat pump will ensure the highest operating efficiency. While protecting your investment, we will assist you in extending the useful life of your heat pump for a longer period.
AQVASTAR  with their knowledge in heat pump selection, and maintenance offer you a comprehensive maintenance and equipment safety check procedures that are designed to better ensure your heat pump operates efficiently and reliably when you need it to, providing maximum pool enjoyment!

Annual Maintenance & Safety Check Points:

·       Check Fan Capacitor
·       Clean Heat Pump Cabinet
·       Check Flow/Pressure Switch
·       Check Fan Blade Clearances
·       Verify/Check Air Flow
·       Verify/Check Water Flow
·       Check Fan Motor Amp Draw
·       Check & Clear Condensate Drains
·       Check Compressor Capacitor & Amp draw
·       Check Internal Electrical Connections
·       Check Operating Refrigerant Pressures 
·       Check Ambient & Water Temperature Sensors
·       Check Proper Line & Control Voltage to Unit
·       Identify Insect & Rodent Issues Within the Unit
·       Identify Environmental Conditions of Concern ( Any water splash, other issues)

Pls perform this if you are a maintenance contractor, or else please share this details to your clients to whom you had installed heat        pumps.

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Monday, 21 November 2016