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Disappearing Drain

THE DISAPPEARING DRAIN: Build a beautiful pool with a drain that matches any pool finish . Enjoy the beauty and the performance of the 20" unblockable Drain. The Superflow 360 Drain "disappears" and blends into the pool floor. Apply the same plaster, aggregate or tile to the top of the drain cover for a perfect match every time.     Features: Beautifully blends into the pool floor Designed with Pebble Top technology that adheres the same plaster, aggregate or tile being applied to your pool, directly to the top of the Drain Cover so that it virtually disappears into your pool floor Flush with floor, no pool cleaner hang ups 20" round unblockable drain (no second point of suction required) The Superflow 360 drain is offered as an alternative to conventional single and multiple main drain installations for aesthetic reasons and/or when a higher flow rate tha