Friday, 10 February 2017


VGB Main drain which shall be used for Main pool, Kids pool & Jacuzzi area where entrapment is a major issue.

To improve  the safety parameters in pools it is mandatory to use VGB main drains over standard main drains & locally made main drains. You being a leader in Pool industry in India we request you to join in promoting this product and offer the best safety standards to our customers

  • NO SUMP REQUIRED - No need to chisel out a sump to meet the 1.5 times the pipe diameter sump depth requirement.
  • SDX2 has a 1.396 feet per second velocity at the opening at a maximum listed 188 gpm.
  • Approved as a bulkhead fitting so the safety is in the cover and plate.
  • Patented "ribbed" design achieves high flow with sixty "mini" drains
  • Suction doesn't transfer if one area is covered
  • Dome shape to prevent a seal by a swimmer
  • Anti-vortex shield blocks contact with direct suction
  • SDX2 retro can be installed as a single cover with an SVRS installed on the suction line.
  • "Retro" version fits existing suction outlets up to 10" in diameter
  • Stainless steel security screws
  • Secondary support plate secured to protect the sump and fittings