Friday, 10 March 2017


Form + Function Equals A Clean Pool

The high capacity Equipment Debris Canister (EDC) is designed to capture more debris, reduce cleaning time and enhance the overall aesthetics of your pool design. Every design feature of the EDC has been taken into consideration. We took the simple debris canister and transformed it into a highly effective, efficient, easy to install equipment side debris canister. By having the debris canister located at the equipment pad it eliminates an extra deck lid to give your pool deck a cleaner look. 

The basket holds up to 68% more debris than any other equipment side canister.

Features and benefits

  • Conveniently located and mounted at the equipment pad for easy installation and maintenance
  • Plumbed before the circulation pump to trap debris from spa, skimmer and main drain lines before it reaches the pump and filter
  • Extra large capacity debris basket means fewer trips to empty canister
  • Convenient clear, pressure safe lid
  • Eliminates an additional deck lid for a cleaner looking pool deck
  • Constructed of weather and UV resistant thermo plastics for long term durability
  • The bayonet handles make debris removal quick and easy
  • High efficiency design ensures maximum water flow with minimal pressure loss
  • Ports for plumbing in the optional CLEAR O3 ozone water purifier or vacuum gauge

  • Includes
    • EDC canister
    • Clear bayonet lid
    • Plastic debris basket
    • Optional fine mesh bag