Heat Pump Positioning

1. Heat pump should be installed in a place where free air circulation is available. Heat pump generates heat from atmospheric air.

2. Ensure 1000mm of clearance all-around of the heat pump to allow air circulation and access for maintenance.

3. Do not block the top air exit for top mounted fan models. Shade shall be provided 2000mm above from top of heat pump.

4. Avoid positioning heat pump in such a way that the control panel does not face directly Sunrays.

5. Heat pump must be placed in proper levelled civil floor. even if it is installed in landscaping area proper pedestal to heat pump to be made & installed.

6. Distance between heat pump and pool should be as short as possible to reduce heat loss and pressure loss in the pipe work.

7. Isolator switch should be installed (by a qualified electrician) near the heat pump.

8. Electrical supply to the heat pump must be protected by an MCB & ELCB.

9. Air inlets and outlets must not be obstructed or blocked by any means including shrubs & bushes.

10. Our heat pumps are additionally protected with VMR to avoid & protect electrical fluctuation in incoming.

11. Heat pump must be installed in downstream, after pool filter so filtered water passes through it.

12. Each model heat pump performs with minimum- maximum water flow rate. If the flow is higher than required, need to be bypassed. If the flow is lower than required, system would not work & you need to check pump flow.

13. Correct sizing Pipework to be installed between pool & heat pump to ensure correct flow & pressure is achieved at heat pump.

Best installation practices been given below.






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